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Chicken Vet Starter Kit

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Chicken Vet Starter Kit

This pack assists you in getting started with your birds and offers products to maintain general health and wellbeing.

Whether you are starting out with chickens, or an experienced breeder wanting to keep a stock of products for every eventuality; these products are all recommended by our team of poultry vets. You receive a discounted rate when buying this pack in comparison to if you bought the items individually.

Pack includes:

  • Chicken Vet Poultry Disinfectant 1L RTU. For general disinfection and is shown to be effective during times of red mite infestation in the coop.
  • Chicken Vet Poultry Multivitamins 500ml. A general health booster, easy to administer in drinking water. Use at times of stress, ill health, extremes of temperature. Excellent to help adapt to a new home.
  • Digesti-Health 2kg. To maintain optimal digestive gut health, use daily in feed. The ingredients will also improve egg quality, it has properties that will absorb harmful fungal toxins and aid in normalising gut flora reinforcing the hen’s natural defences. It provides a barrier in the gut when it may have been challenged by hens drinking muddy puddles or eating stale or mouldy feed. A fantastic daily supplement.
  • Natural DE Powder 400g Puffer. An organic and effective non-pesticide for the treatment and prevention of red mite in the coop and on your birds. Use routinely in dust baths, nest boxes, on your birds under their wings and around their vent in the coop's cracks and crevices.
  • Chicken Vet Faeces Sampling Kit. Laboratory test and material required to take a sample and send to our laboratory for worm egg testing. This will help gauge as to whether worming is required in the birds.

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