About us

The Chicken Vet company was created by an experienced team of vets that have a special interest in poultry medicine, backed by a support team who understand chickens. We provide carefully selected products and veterinary advice for the backyard enthusiast, fancy fowl and small flock keeper.


Our shop includes a range of health and well-being products for chickens tested by vets; including categories such as digestive health, worming, mites and lice, hygiene and more. Please contact us if you require any advice on the application and uses of these products. 

Symptom Checker

Our Symptom Checker (Healthcare Pathway) aims to inform, educate and guide owners through some of the most common ailments that affect chickens and provide suitable treatment or product options.

Find Your Nearest Vet

We train veterinary practices around the UK on how to deal with chickens. We call these ‘Associated Practices’ and you can find our practice map and full list of trained practices here.