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Chicken Vet Dri Bed 5kg

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Chicken Vet Dri Bed 5kg
Safety Sheet (971.22 kB)

This is an absorbent and deodorising powder, enhanced with disinfectant, to provide all round hygiene within the poultry housing.

Dri Bed absorbs moisture in the litter and as it does so the disinfectant comes into action, therefore reducing ammonia and bad smells alongside providing a reduction in pathogens.

Sprinkle it around drinkers and under the perches, around popholes or any area in the house were moisture is an issue. It will assist in keeping the litter dry and smelling fresh. This is a very popular product. It is harmless to birds and environmentally friendly.

We do advise wearing protective clothing when using this product as it is a powder.

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