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Poultry Disinfectant 1L RTU

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Poultry Disinfectant 1L RTU

A powerful biocidal disinfectant, cleaner, sanitiser and odour neutraliser.

Chicken Vet Disinfectant is in a ready to use spray for use on poultry housing and associated equipment.

  • Powerful biocidal disinfectant
  • Cleans and breaks down organic matter where mite parasites breed and thrive
  • Does not contain any poisons
  • Has shown to be effective against the management of red mite

General Properties

Clear liquid. An alkaline blend of non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants in an aqueous solution.

Instructions for Use

The product is ready for use. To clean and sanitise your coop, remove all litter and manure. Spray interior areas and all equipment with Poultry Disinfectant solution, paying particular attention to joints and crevices where red mites hide. Reapply every two weeks or as necessary.

The storage and handling of this product should be performed wearing suitable protective clothing. Wear a mask in a contained space. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Store upright in a cool place and keep out of the reach of children.

Pack size: 1L RTU

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