Dergall 50ml

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Dergall 50ml

Dergall is a concentrated product which needs diluting before use. For the effective control of red mites, northern fowl mite and scaly leg mite in chickens. Use then repeat in 5-7 days to destroy newly hatched mites.

For more information on mites visit our Advice Hub. Red mites are nocturnal therefore only make an appearance at night, this can sometimes lead you to think there are not any mites in your chicken house. When red mites come out they are on a mission to feed by sucking your bird’s blood. If left without treating, red mites can induce a drop in egg production, stress and eventually anaemia through excessive blood loss.

Dergall works by mechanically immobilising red mite. The reduction of population is visible within 72 hours from the initial application. Dergall has the added advantage of killing scaly leg mite and Northern Fowl mites which can cause severe irritation and depression in chickens.

Dergall can be sprayed directly onto a bird's legs without causing any harm.

For further information on use, see the information sheet. There are also detailed instructions inside the pack.

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