Natural DE Powder 400g Puffer

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Natural DE Powder 400g
Natural Diatomaceous Earth Powder is a dessicating powder for use in poultry housing with the purpose of drying litter to reduce ammonia, moulds and fungi and to deter the colonisation of mites and other crawling insects.
  • Natural organic powder
  • Odour and stain free
  • Pesticide free
  • Can be applied directly onto the chicken and to the chicken house

Safe to use directly onto your hens. Apply the powder under the wings and around the vent area. Also apply to the coop by spreading the powder in cracks, crevices and nest box areas where mites hide. Rub along perches and apply to the house floor after cleaning out. It can also be placed in a cat litter tray with some dry soil and the hens can self-treat themselves by dust bathing.

Use for prevention or as part of a mite control treatment to reduce mites and lice in your poultry. This product comes in a handy puffer container for ease of use. 

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