Suprelorin versus delvosterone in chickens. We have historically used delvosterone injection off license to help lower recurrence of egg duct peritonitis in many ex batts that we see. However, I believe that it is more common/popular to use suprelorin implant now. Is there a particular benefit of one over the other, as they are both off license? Obviously suprelorin lasts longer, but is a much higher cost. Finally, when using either medication, what egg/meat withdrawal should be followed (obviously both stop them laying anyway, but for the purposes of records!).


It is personal and owner preference. We tend to get 3-4 months out of the implant which is plenty of time to heal etc. Any off licence product carries a minimum of 28 day withdrawal. This is from the end of treatment which is obviously very vague in implants. My theory is if they are laying there is minimal drug left.