A recurrent problem is what to do with unwanted roosters and currently there is a high cull rate if more than a few are hatched. I have had a request to neuter a set of cockerels to help prevent fighting and rough behaviour with the hens. Given this is a common cause of neutering in other pet species, it seemed reasonable, however I have seen written it is not allowed in the UK. I have seen information on suprelorin implants but for a lifetime, this would work out very costly as an option. I wondered if you could advise me further? 


The rules were bought in for the banning of capon meat, which involves either chemical or physical neutering of cocks.  If a vet considers the surgery is required for welfare grounds then it is allowable.  However, I would get the owners to sign a declaration that they must not enter the food chain. The other options are anti GnRH vaccine, though these are completely off license but far less invasive than castration.