Flubendazole 60g

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Flubendazole 60g

This wormer is suited to worming chickens, geese and turkeys for the control of gapeworm, roundworm, caecal worm, hairworm and gizzard worm.

Actively controlling adult worms, along with their larvae and eggs. Flubendazole is given over 7 days to eradicate all these stages of the worm’s lifecycle. Whilst treating your birds you can still consume their eggs as there is a zero egg withdrawal period. We recommend using a faeces sampling kit (link) to check if worms are present before worming.

60g pack will medicate 20kg of chicken or goose feed or 30kg of turkey feed.

Chicken Vet can only supply this product if the wormer is mixed with the feed at the house where the birds are kept and those birds and their eggs are not reared for sale or supply for consumption off the premises. To make sure you receive the correct treatment/medication, our vet or SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) requires some details about your chickens. When placing your order ensure you have given a phone number that our staff can contact you on.

Please note that due to licensing restrictions in other countries, we cannot sell this product to non-UK customers.

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