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Ivermectin 1% Spot On Drops 10ml

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Ivermectin 1% Spot On Drops 10ml

This product can be purchased without a veterinary prescription for the treatment of ectoparasites in non-food producing animals. Licensed for the treatment of fur, ear and mange mites & lice in rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and other domestic small animals.

Ivermectin 1% drops can also be used in poultry for the treatment of red mites, northern fowl mite, scaly leg mite and lice as long as the eggs from treated birds are discarded for 1 week after treatment - see the information sheet for further information. Use at the rate of 1 drop per 500g bodyweight for chickens. There are approximately 130 drops per pack. Excellent to use with a heavy infestation before the mites cause damage and stress to your birds.

Anyone using this product for any species other than stated in the information sheet does so entirely at the owners risk and it should only be used following consultation with your vet. "Off label" use of a product is governed under the rules of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate Cascade and we recommend obtaining guidance and information from your vet. All food producing animals including pet poultry, must have a suitable egg and meat withdrawal period applied. Further advice should always be obtained from your own Veterinary Surgeon.

Please note that due to licensing restrictions in other countries, we cannot sell this product to non-UK customers.

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