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CPD Training Course - Wednesday 20th March 2024

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We hold training courses for vets covering the common ailments, diseases and treatments for domestic poultry throughout the year.

There are an ever increasing number of chickens being presented through the consulting room door and that’s why we provide these courses; so vets can gain knowledge and confidence in the treatment and diagnosis of chicken disease.

We are very proud of our large network of "Chicken Friendly" practices around the UK and by holding these courses we aim to spread knowledge of treating poultry health to these practices.

On a Chicken Vet Training Course, you will learn about:

  • History of the chicken
  • Husbandry - needs, housing, management and hygiene
  • Legislation and Law
  • Behaviour and Anatomy
  • Post-Mortem Examination
  • Blood Sampling Techniques
  • 'The Clinical Approach to...' - a discussion of the clinical presentations most commonly seen in practice
  • Therapeutics and Preventative Medicines

The Chicken Vet course is presented by vets and technicians from Chicken Vet's parent company, St David's Poultry Team, one of the leading poultry practices in the UK. 


For more information on the Chicken Vet CPD course, or to pay via BACS, please email 


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