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Red Mite Control Advice

Red mite is a major issue with many chicken keepers. They are a nuisance to the bird and in severe cases can lead to death due to anaemia. For the animal handler they cause skin irritation and allergies are possible. Further information can be found on this site in Red Mite Infection.

To control red mite you need to understand its life cyle. Although you will see heavy infestation on your birds, there will still be a problem if the birds appear to have no mites on their skin. This is because the mite lives in the building in cracks and crevices and feeds at night time on the bird sucking blood. If you see mites on the birds you have a big problem. Mites will survive for up to 9 months with no feed living in the building. Therefore we need to treat the building to control the mite.

Resistance to permethrins is common in the poultry industry but depending on where your birds came from, this should not be a problem for the small flock keeper. Individual birds can be treated with Ivermectin spot on or with Frontline spray but you will need to not eat any eggs for 7 days after treatment. You still have to treat the house and we would recommend:

  • Spray the house with Poultry Shield.
  • Allow to dry and then as long as there is no known resistance, use Tyrant Super ME spray on the house and also wet the birds.
  • If there is great resistance, then you will need to move up a grade of control to Stingray.
  • If you use Stingray this relies on 3 treatments to stop the developing mites life cycle so the house / bird treatment needs to be repeated every week.
  • If the problem persists then contact your vet.
  • If the birds are affected then a 5 day treatment with Chicken Vet Energy will aid recovery.

For further information on Red Mite go to Red Mite Infection


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