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Breed Clubs

All pure breeds are recognised by The Poultry Club of Great Britain, who liaise with breed clubs to draw up a standard of exactness for each breed. As with cats and dogs, there are ancient and valuable lines of chickens. By joining a breed club, you will get the help and information needed for your pure breeds. There is a lot of hard work but a lot of enjoyment to be had by breeding and showing, and it can bring big prizes too.

We gratefully acknowledge the list below has been supplied by The Poultry Club of Great Britain website and we advise anyone interested in pure and traditional breeds to visit

Ancona Club
Contact: Mr P Smedley
Tel: 01904 468387

Araucana Club
Contact: Mrs Ky Thurland
Tel: 01392 720043

Asian Hardfeather Club
Contact: Ms Julia Keeling.
Tel: 01624 801825

Australorp Club
Contact: Ian and Louise Simpson
Tel: 01636 814956

Black Wyandotte Club
Contact: Mr A Brooker
Tel: 01344 774462

Brahma Club
Contact: Mrs Sue Black
Tel: 01792898310

The British Barnevelder Club
Contact: Mr G Broadhurst
Tel: 01630 638630

British Belgian Bantam Club
Contact: Mr Robert and Mrs Julia Rees
Tel 07855-074781 and 07891-248938

British Call Duck Club
Contact: Mrs Jen V. Maskell.
Tel: 01545 580425

British Faverolles Society
Contact: Kate Hart
Tel: 01545 580425

British Waterfowl Association
Contact: Mrs Sue Schubert
Tel: 01892 740212

Buff Orphington Club
Contact: Mr P Smedley
Tel: 01904 468387

Call Duck Association
Contact: Mr Graham Barnard
Tel: 01428 723030

Cochin Club
Contact: Mr Andy Marshall
Tel: 01428 723030

Croad Langshan Club
Contact: Ms. Lyn Heigl
Tel: 01428 602992

Derbyshire Redcap Club
Contact: Mrs J Woodroffe
Tel: 01335 310305

Domestic Waterfowl Club
Contact: Mr Mike Hatche
Tel: 01488638014

Dorking Club
Contact: Mrs V Roberts
Tel: 01943 872660

Dutch Bantam Club
Contact:  Mrs C A Compton
Tel: 01962 774476

Frizzle Society
Contact: Mrs Charlotte Shephard
Tel: 01642 601247

German Langsham Club
Contact: Mr D Lawrence. Tel: 01624 861128

Goose Club
Contact: Mrs Denise Moss
Tel: 01437 563309

Hamburgh Club
Contact: Mr P Harrison
Tel: 01706 377653

Indian Game Club
Contact: Mr John Cook
Tel: 01462 711617

Indian Runner Club
Contact: Mrs. D Meatyard
Tel: 01749 812758

Indian Runner Duck Association
Contact: Christine Ashton
Tel: 01938 554011

Indian Bantam Club
Contact: Mr Terry Crook
Tel: 01603 868373

Laced Wyandotte Club
Contact: Mr T and Mrs V Moss
Tel: 01788 833719

Leghorn Club
Contact: Mr Richard Grice
Tel: 01833 660260

Lincolnshire Buff Poultry Society
Contact: Miss L Hampstead. Tel: 01205 480726

Marans Club
Contact: Mr A Heeks
Tel: 01270 882189

Midland Old English Game Club (Oxford)
Contact: Mr D Hackett
Tel. 0121 4214610

Minorca Club
Contact: Mr Rob Walker. Tel: 01584 819429

Modern Game Club
Contact: Dean Mc Que
Tel: 01677 426345

New Hampshire Red Club
Contact: Mrs C Compton
Tel: 01962 774476

Old English Game Bantam
Contact: Mr M Woolway
Tel: 01792 984433

Old English Game Club - Carlisle
Contact: Mr J Barry

Orpington Club

Partridge and Pencilled Wyandotte Club
Contact: Mr Steve Clifton
Tel: 01773 821582

Pekin Bantam Club
Contact: Ms Vicky Rodgers
Tel: 07854 952542

Rare Poultry Society
Contact: Mrs Anne Merriman
Tel: 01934 833619

Rhode Island Red Club
Contact: Mr N Steer
Tel: 01364 72394

Rosecomb Bantam Club
Contact: Mr S Taylor
Tel: 01257 451575

Scots Dumpy Club
Contact: Mrs Toddy Hamilton-Gould
Tel: 01869 346554

Scottish Ancona Club
Contact: Mr P E Smedley
Tel: 01403 255762

Sebright Club
Contact: Mr Steve Fuller
Tel: 01403 255762

Silkie Club
Contact:  Miss Louise Hidden
Tel: 01457 855720
Website: www.poultry

Sussex Club
Contact: Mrs P Gage
Tel: 01364 653182

The Indian Runner Club
Contact: Mr P Meatyard
Tel: 01749 812758

The Plymouth Rock Club
Contact: Mrs Sally Prescott
Tel: 01472 840142

The Poland Club
Contact: Mrs Amelia Richardson
Tel. 01935 827845

The Scottish Game Club
Contact: Mr J J Webster
Tel: 01383 850239

The Scottish Minorca Club
Contact: Mr R W Murray
Tel: 01573 224210

The Scottish Rhode Island Red Club
Contact: Mr J Gardiner
Tel: 01555 840867

The Scottish Rosecomb Club
Contact: Mr A Robertson
Tel: 01573 470333

The Scottish Sussex Club
Contact: Mrs Agnes Aitken
Tel: 01569 766775

The Scottish Waterfowl Club
Contact: S W Simister
Tel: 01848 331696

The Scottish Wyandotte Bantam Club
Contact: Mrs Agnes Aitken
Tel: 01569 766775

Turkey Club UK
Contact: Mrs J Houghton-Wallace
Tel: 01233 262484

Welsummer Club
Contact: Mr G Johnson
Tel: 01952 460274

Wyandotte Club
Contact: Mr J Maddock
Tel: 01229 772556


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