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Recovering from diseases

The recovery period after any disease is very important. We treat the bird’s symptoms but then we should help the recovery period where the bird has lost various micronutrients or has an impaired intestinal function which will require time to heal. Healing requires energy as well as the building blocks to replace damaged cells. It can be confusing as to which supplement to use and as a guide we suggest:

  1. If the problem is likely to have led to poor nutrient uptake and egg production or growth is important then consider using Chicken Vet Amino + to boost protein and vitamins. This is given in the drinking water for 5 days
  2. If the birds appear slow, lethargic, or appear to need more energy, then our Carnitine booster - Chicken Vet Energy will give the chickens a healthy boost. This is given in the drinking water for 5 days.
  3. Where the birds are underweight and need to put weight on, a combination of Chicken Vet Energy and Chicken Vet Amino + can be used
  4. After loose droppings and diarrhoea it would be sensible to add products to help restore the normal gut flora and we strongly recommend Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria it contains over 200 friendly bacteria to normalise and restore gut flora. Especially useful following antibiotics when the good bacteria has been destroyed along with the bad.
  5. Finally, where the intestinal problem is mild you might consider Oregano +, a natural product with anti bacterial affects which will help to improve gut health and boost the immune system. It also helps to calm agitated birds.

As always if the problem persists then consult your vet. Find a vet near to you.


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