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Cleaning and Disinfection

Regular cleaning and disinfection of your chicken shed is important to keep down the levels of harmful parasites, bacteria and viruses which can cause disease in both your birds and your family. Ideally your shed should be cleaned and disinfected on weekly basis and thoroughly on a monthly basis. The protocol for cleaning and distinction is outlined below:

  • Remove all of the bedding (either compost it or burn it especially if you have a red mite problem)
  • Next wash the coop using a suitable detergent. Many disinfectants are inactivated by dirt and grime so it is important to use a detergent to remove it allowing your disinfectant to work properly.
  • Remember to remove the perches and nest boxes to wash all those areas where red mites may hide
  • Let the shed dry- applying a disinfectant to a wet surface only dilutes it so it doesn’t have the required strength to kill bugs.
  • Next dilute an appropriate disinfectant to the correct concentration- if you want to destroy coccidiosis ensure you choose a product licensed to destroy the coccidial oocysts such as Bi-OO-Cyst or Interkokask.
  • Apply the disinfectant at the correct volume per square meter
  • Leave the disinfectant to dry
  • Re-bed the shed using fresh bedding (dust extracted shavings are best)
  • Don’t forget to clean and disinfect the drinkers and feeders also. Rhodasept is particularly useful.

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